CBSE Grade 11 & 12 Science and Maths


Course Description:

This course addresses the requirements of multiple Board examinations, subject SATs, and competitive engineering and medical exams including IIT-JEE and NEET-UG. The course is expertly designed for students to obtain the best results in both Board and competitive examinations.

This classroom course is one of the most effective courses for the various examinations outlined above. Further care is taken by IEC to ensure that the substantial transition from Grade 10 to 11 is smooth and supported by JEE/NEET preparation. A significant portion of the JEE/NEET syllabus is covered in Grade 11 itself to ensure adequate time for revision and testing. The course not only focuses on effective communication of academic material between teacher and student, but also emphasizes the importance of regular teacher evaluation and maintaining high levels of student motivation.


Course Duration:

March to February


Class Schedule:

4 Hours session – 3 to 4 days a week.

Additional sessions for revision during vacations



Weekly and Month end examinations

Revision classes and Model examination prior to School examinations.


Course Content:

  • Detailed teaching of grade 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
  • Weekly and Monthly test for assessment

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